The Starlight Rite by Cherise Sinclair

The Starlight Rite by Cherise Sinclair
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC
Genre: BDSM Futuristic Science Fiction
Length: Novel
Release Date: August 3, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60737-831-0
Rating: 4 ½
Reviewer: Rach

Mella Archer, a famous singer the world knows by her voice, but never by her face. Tragedy is a constant in her life and after marrying a man she thought would complete her she becomes stranded on the frontier planet of Nexus and is on the run from the evil she never knew he was. Trying to find her way back to Earth she stoops to petty crime and picks a target she thought weak, but she was very wrong.

Dain finds Mella’s attempt at stealing from him entertaining and even more amused when she becomes his bedroom salve due to the Nexus’s strict crime policy. He opens up a world of erotic passion and awakens sexual desires she never knew she has. Dain’s domineering personality both in and out of the bedroom have an affect neither of them expected. Dain is caught off guard at what he could feel for the sexy little criminal.

When the danger surfaces she has to decide if she can trust Dain and if what they have could evolve into something more or if once again she must run.
To be honest I do not normally read futurist sci-fi type books, however, when I saw the book was written by Cherise Sinclair I had to read it and jumped at the chance to review it. The characters are developed well and the passion and sexual tension felt real not forced. The plot line of the book kept me on the edge of seat. Mella is a strong woman and even being auctioned as a sex slave doesn’t have her spine weakening. She is sexually repressed and has an internal battle to try to fend off the feelings Dain is instilling in her. There is realism to her dilemma and dept to why she fights Dain so much. Dain is a dominate male with sex appeal and a heart. Mella’s tragic past had me wanting her to find her happiness and Dain’s need to keep her safe and dominate her kept me wanting the book not to end. There are sexually explicit sections of the book, but they did not hurt the story, it added more depth to the characters and their development. The scenes were well written and were definitely scorching. The book has everything a good book should, a great story you can get lost in, characters you root for, sexual conflict a reader can feel and a happy ending.


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