HEROES ~ Guest post by Tory Richards

Today our special guest blogger is Tory Richards! Welcome, Tory!


Do you like them tough as nails with manly jobs or polished and professional like a Ken doll? Seems like most of the romances I read the heroes are muscular, battle scarred types with jobs like detectives, mercenaries, fire fighters or in some kind of service like a navy seal. I can’t recall a time when the hero was a sophisticated doctor, shoe salesman or accountant. What’s up with that? Could it be the men in our fantasies are the kind who thrill while frighten us, and only have professions where they get down and dirty?

Yeah, baby! Who wants safe all the time?

The heroes in my fantasies, and the books I write, are the tough as nails alpha heroes with the muscles and the moves to back it up. Not that a doctor can’t be muscular and tough, but let’s face it, the prospect of him cutting off his finger while doing surgery just isn’t exciting. I want a hero who fights for what he wants, and always comes out on top, while at the same time revealing a tenderness for the woman he wants.

He doesn’t necessarily have to be handsome, either. Give me a hero whose sex appeal stems from the whole package, not just his face!

The last book I wrote was my first Quickie with Ellora’s Cave. The hero is an oil driller. I’m not going to lie and say he isn’t handsome. He’s rugged, and sexy and well, when’s the last time you read a steamy romance where the main attraction worked on an oil rig out in the middle of nowhere? Pick up a copy of Talk Dirty to Me and meet Blake.

I’m pleased to say Talk Dirty to Me has received rave reviews that include a Recommended Read by Blackraven’s Reviews, You Gotta Read by You Gotta Read Reviews, 5 Stars from My Overstuffed Bookshelf and 5 Siren Stones from Siren Stones Reviews. Check them all out on my Manic Readers page here: http://www.manicreaders.com/ToryRichards/

What’s next? I have two books coming out in October! On October 8th I have a full length romance coming out with The Wild Rose Press in their Crimson line. This is the second round for All the Right Moves, and it will be in print this time. A whole new chapter and plenty of sexy content was added to meet print guidelines. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands!

On October 14th my second Quickie with Ellora’s Cave, Breathless Surrender will come out. And it will leave you breathless! Blurb – An FBI agent working undercover kidnaps his sexy next door neighbor to keep her alive.

Well, it’s been fun, folks! I’ve included some links you might want to check out. Oh, and, leave a comment somewhere on my blog for a chance to win my monthly blog giveaway. I randomly pick one reader the last Saturday of every month. Details located on the right hand side. Hope to see you there!

http://www.toryrichards.com – my website
http://debbiewallace.blogspot.com/ – Romance with an Attitude Blog





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