Choices ~ Guest Blog Post by Summer Jordan

Summer Jordan

There are limitless choices in today’s world. Paper or plastic? Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong? Cold water wash or With bleach? Print or electronic? Kindle or a Nook? Well, you get the idea.

A procrastinator has enough struggles when shopping…and then there’s the writing and reading world where one of the biggest concerns may be our characters.

Alpha male or beta male hero? Personally, I like a combination. In my latest book, Bad Boy, Back in Town, just out this month from Total-E-Bound, Rob Harrison gained a bad reputation in high school by screwing every girl he dated. But he wouldn’t f*** Kitt Maxwell even though she wanted him to…because she was a ‘good girl’ and he liked the way she looked at him like he was some sort of god. She adored him, and why? Perhaps it was his cocky attitude, his dimpled grin, and the way he carried his cigarette pack rolled in the sleeve of his tee shirt right above his bulging biceps. Rob lived in the worst part of town and had nothing growing up except the good looks God gave him, and he used them to his advantage.

Kitt thought she’d never see him again but always hoped she would. Back in the Florida town he left twelve years ago, he’s living high and is ready to give her what she always wanted…but where is he getting his money? An amateur PI working a case, Kitt hopes he’s not the gigolo she’s looking to arrest.

Let’s go further. Do you want a handsome smooth-talking lover or one that’s rough and tumble and curses like a lumberjack? Is he an adept lover or does he like it rough? And a name? You can’t name a prize fighter Elton, unless you have a darned good reason. A dance instructor called Jock may not be a good choice.

How do you want your hero to look? This takes us to another decision. Do you like specifics on physical appearance or do you prefer to be vague so the reader can picture him in her own mind? How does he dress? Of course, the cover illustration will play into this in some way. In erotica, the guy could be all muscles and bare skin and solve the problem.

Heroines present the same decision-making. I have a three book series, Lusty Ladies where the heroines are seeking hot men. In my three Wives-R-Us books, Lea, Margo, and Erin are more refined but their goals are the same.

One huge decision if you write erotica concerns sexual orientation. So far, I have only written male/female romance. Male/male or threesomes, etcetera, are big sellers and vampires and shape shifters are too they’re not among the choices I’ve made.

As a reader, what genres do you prefer? Do you like to know exactly how the characters look? What kind of hero do you prefer? Preferences in heroines? How do you want to read? Paperback, hardcover, or an e-reader?

It’s all about choices, but it’s a lot more fun than choosing products from the supermarket shelves.

by Summer Jordan

Rob Harrison was the thorn in Kitt’s side, the nightmare that woke her, and the love song that made her cry.
Irresistible Rob Harrison, the sexy bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks that Kitt Maxwell worshiped in high school, is back in town.
Now an apparent success, Rob is hot for Kitt, her long-ago dream come true…but is he the gigolo this budding detective is looking to arrest?
Summer Jordan has ten books published by Total-E-Bound.


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