Caught by Surprise by L.D. Madison

Title: Caught by Surprise
Author: L.D. Madison
Publisher: Loose Id
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60737-859-4
Release Date: Oct.6, 2010 Available Now
Format: Ebook
Genre: Contemporary, MM
Length: Short Novel
Rating: 4.5 Lyres
Reviewer: TR

Noah and Jason are FBI agents. So, when they wake up, naked and trapped in a cabin in a remote area, naturally they first suspect some kind of foul play. What they didn’t suspect, was that Jason’s rich best friend did it as a gift for him, knowing Jason had a crush on his boss, Noah. Noah has always been curious about sex with a man, and when he discovers that Jason is gay, he takes this opportunity to explore it. He hoping to find that it not all that great, and he can finally put it behind him. Unfortunately for Noah, the sex is fantastic, leaving him more confused than ever. In Jason’s case, because they ended up making love instead of merely having sex, he couldn’t help but get his hopes up for a real relationship. When a confused Noah dashes his hopes, Jason is hurt and angry. He spends the next week being cold to Noah, while Noah wonders why it bothers him so much and why he has an aching in his chest.

This had a very interesting beginning, with the two agents being kidnapped, drugged, and locked in together naked. It still seems to be taboo, or frowned upon, for men in any police sector, including the FBI, to be gay. I’m not sure what the reasoning is, and how one’s sexuality would affect how anyone performs in a job. So, it is very risky for Noah to even consider having a relationship with another man. I like how this was realistically and sensitively portrayed in this story. Noah, gradual realizes that he needs this, in spite of the risks. Of how, he is somewhat cautious about it, not willing to come out immediately until he has time to explore his relationship with Jason. Jason, who has been burned in the past, wants a commitment that it’s not a casual relationship. I think the relationship was handled very well, and enjoyed watching it unfold. The sex was hot too, for those who look for that. The only thing I found lacking, is we never got to find out Noah’s family’s reaction to it, except for his younger brother. Still, very well done, and I enjoyed it.


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