Delinquint Daddy by Linda Kage

Delinquent Daddy by Linda Kage
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Champagne Rose
Length: 294 pages
ISBN: 1-60154-850-8
Rating: 4 ½
Reviewer: Rach
Boston Kincaid, the rich playboy with the good looks and fancy life and yet he felt something was always missing. Out of the blue one day a letter arrives from Cassidy Trenton looking for her father and his life is forever changed. The girl’s mother, the one who got away, Ellie Trenton, has always been in the forefront of his mind and with the letter as his reasoning to seek her out he searches for the truth and maybe to see if the spark that once burned bright could reignited.

Single working mother Ellie Trenton is completely taken aback to find the one man she never got over and the one who fathered her child standing on her front porch. Ten years is a long time, but all the years melted away with one look at his face. The chemistry and desire are as fresh as if no time passed at all. But lies and mistrust along with a devastating past come to light as they learn to co-parent and try to be civil for the sake of their daughter. Can the love they had really be recreated or does the past and mistrust keep them from exploring the love they once had?

I really enjoyed this book. The story is a contemporary romance and the story line very well written. The reader will laugh and cry with the characters and root for them to become a couple again. Boston is a great male lead. He is smart, sexy, fun, but real. He has his flaws, he has made mistakes and he learns and changes throughout the book. Ellie is strong willed and will fight to the death for what she believes is right for her child. She is misguided at times, but she also grows throughout the story. Both characters learn more about themselves and what they lost all those years ago. Trying to overcome a hurtful past full of misunderstandings and lies makes the journey back to one another difficult and at times frustrating even for the reader. However, as a reader it compelled me to want more. Even the secondary characters brought fun and enlightenment to the storyline. Nora is a great sounding board for Ellie and Keller is the best friend any kid could want. The love scenes are tasteful and PG, but the reader can feel the pull. All in all the book was a fun read. You will not be disappointed.


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