Black Moon Rising by Eliza Gayle


Title: Black Moon Rising

Author: Eliza Gayle

Publisher: Loose Id

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60737-874-7

Release Date: October 2010

Format: Ebook

Genre: Erotic / Ménage/ Paranormal/Werewolf

Length: Novella

Rating: 3 Lyres

Reviewer: GJM

Sierra is about to be named as Alpha to her pack all she has to do is choose a mate, now faced with the difficult task of deciding which of her two lovers should be proclaimed her mate the three decide she should pick Marek since Marek is a werewolf while Nolan is human. Just as the ritual is to begin the pack is attacked.

Nolan and Sierra are about to learn that sometimes the past can come back to bite you in the ass. Marek will have to decide if he still wants to stand by his mate when he discovers what she has done. After reconciling her past errors will Sierra learn that it might be better if she faces her future honestly by openly admitting she has more than one mate?

I really wanted to love this book but it fell short of my expectations in places it dragged and in other places felt rushed. Nolan came across as feeling left out and a little jealous of Sierra and Marek. However this was touched on here and there but basically not really delved into. We add Cole to the mix and both Nolan and Marek seem to be largely left alone to fade into the background while Sierra tries to come up with a way to deal with her guilt over Cole. To be honest I think there was more than enough conflict to explore between Marek and Nolan. Cole was just a complication that wasn’t really needed at all.

I usually love Ms Gayle and I did enjoy Black Moon Rising but I believe I’d of loved it if Cole had been missing from the plot altogether his story line did nothing in my opinion to enhance the story in fact I found him boring and was disappointed that he lasted as long as he did.


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