Out of Bounds by Vicki Lyn

Title: Out of Bounds
Author: Vicki Lyn
Publisher: Loose Id
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60737-864-8
Release Date: October 2010 Available Now
Format: Ebook
Genre: Contemporary, MM
Length: Short Novel
Rating: 4.5 Lyres
Reviewer: TR

    Chandler is an artist who decides to return to his hometown to get away from L.A. and a love affair gone wrong. Titan is a former NFL pro, who after a career-ending injury, retired and became a football coach at the local high school in his hometown. They met when Chandler volunteered to hold after school art classes at the same high school where Titan works. Instant attraction. Problem is, Titan, being a former and still famous sports star, and now a high school football coach, is deeply in the closet. So deep, he has never had a real relationship in his whole life, just one-night stands. He knows better than to become involved with the only openly gay man in this small town, but he can’t resist him. Chandler had no intention of becoming involved with a man who was in the closet, but he finds it happening anyway. Then trouble occurs. A virulently homophobic parent who hates his son taking art classes, starts spreading rumors that Chandler came on to his son. It’s not true of course, and the kid denies it, but the rumors get worse and worse. The father contrives to have Chandler fired from his job teaching the kids, but that’s not enough for him. He wants to drive Chandler out of town, and things start to escalate into more dangerous acts. Will Titan come to his lovers defence? Can he without compromising his own position? Will he just let him leave town and him as well?
    I quite enjoyed this story. It was very believable the way the story unfolded, a natural progression of events. I could almost feel Titan’s conflict, his refusal to do what he thinks will destroy his life, while at the same time having a desperate desire to keep Chandler in his life. I think that this is a true reflection of many gay men today, stuck in the closet out of fear, and not without reason. What happens to Chandler in this small town, could easily happen in many homophobic communities. That’s not to say that everyone there is like that, it’s just that they are always the loudest. This was a very well done book, and I appreciated the characters, the suspense, and most of all the ending.


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