Queens of Merab 1: Temair’s Fyre by Violet Summers

Title: Queens of Merab 1: Temair’s Fyre
Author: Violet Summers
Publisher: AudioMinx
Release Date: Available Now
Format: audio book
Narrator: Daphne Parnell
Genre: Fantasy/Erotica
Length: 2 hours 21 min
Rating: 4 Lyres
Reviewer: TR
    Temair is the Crown Princess of her country, Emetra. This is a world that is ruled by women, three Queens who each rule their own country. Each Queen is expected to have four husbands, representing Fire, Rain, Wind, and Earth. There are noble families representing each element, who have trained to have power over their element. A Queen is expected to have a consort from each family, who will act as a protector and advisor. Temair doesn’t have any consorts yet, but isn’t worried because her mother is still young and healthy. When her mother, the Queen, calls her in to tell her that she is finally pregnant again, Temair is overjoyed for her. She knows how long, and through how many miscarriages, her mother and fathers have tried to have another child. What she doesn’t expect, is that because of this pregnancy and the Queen’s health, her mother needs to retire and have Temair assume the throne. One problem, Temair can’t be Queen until she has her four consorts. So she sets off on a tour of the Queendom in search of her consorts. First stop, the Fyre lands. Miach, the eldest son of the Fyre family, has no intention of ever marrying. He has no plans to be under the constant thumb of a wife. He has no interest in the Crown Princess. Everything changes when there is an attempt on the life of Temair. He saves her, and in the process alters his life completely.
     This was an interesting story, which I enjoyed. It feels a bit incomplete though, probably not too surprising considering this is the start of a four part story. I like the female heroine, how she seems so quiet and unprepossessing, but knows herself and is not afraid. She travels with two other princesses, and prefers they take the limelight, is more comfortable being unnoticed for the most part. It allows her to look at people and see clearly. I enjoyed the secondary characters as well. The hero grew on me, although he seemed kind of surly at first. The narrator does an adequate job in the audio book. She is not the best I’ve ever heard, but by no means the worst. She is good enough to be easily listenable, which after some of the narrators I’ve heard, is all you can really expect from most audio books. Overall, I would recommend this audio book for people interested in this genre.


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