The MacCumail Bloodlines #1 Dark Promises by Marie Kenward

Title: The MacCumail Bloodlines Series #1 – Dark Promises
Author: Marie Kenward
Publisher:The Wild Rose Press
Release date: 2009
Format: Ebook
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 402 pages
Rating: 5 * Recommended read
Reviewer: CLR
Three-hundred-year-old vampire Alexi Dugas knows everything there is to know about evil. After all, for centuries he’s walked a tightrope between his blood-thirst and his humanity. When he inadvertently rescues a young woman from his former clansmen, he must decide once and for all if he’s more man than beast, for Sarah Hennessy carries a weapon that can forever alter the delicate balance of power in his dark world. Now, after living in the shadows and surviving in those shades of gray, Alexi must finally choose which side of the battle he’s on. Unfortunately, doing the wrong thing will cost him Sarah’s love. But, doing the right thing might just cost her life.

  This is a great book.  It’s  about a reluctant love between a vampire who doesn’t think he can control his blood lust enough to deserve to be loved and a woman who won’t give up on him, Also, defeating the bad guys and saving the world from killer psycho vampires.  This book has it all,it makes you laugh and cry and sometimes want to scream but it flows together seamlessly to make a great story.  It makes you want to go out and buy the next story right away, I can’t wait  to read the next one.


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