Spinning by Michael Baron

By Michael Baron
Published by The Story Plant
Length: novel
Rating: 4

Dylan’s a spin doctor. He spins products, corporations, and most impressively, his own life. That is, until Spring and Diane show up in his carefully constructed life and throw him way off track.

It took me a chapter or two to get into the book. You can tell the author walked on tiptoe around a few things, jarringly enough to be a little bit noticeable. The first chapter is hard to read! Then all of a sudden, like my ancient Ford station wagon twenty yards after a green light, it kicks into gear and takes off.

Baron writes with a casual, light-hearted prose that makes the story whip by. It’s easy to get involved in he characters’ lives and stories. Most importantly, his characters are well fleshed out and it wouldn’t be hard to see them as real people. Although, if Spring was real, I’d be a little concerned about her emotional/cognitive development…

I was surprised to find I actually enjoyed this book. I tried to read Baron’s The Journey Home and couldn’t finish it, so I picked up Spinning with an anticipatory wince. It was definitely a pleasant surprise to laugh and smile and even wipe a few tears by the time I’d finished the story. The only downside is the book is sort of an altered version of that movie starring yummy Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and that adorable little girl, where he’s a football player a d she doesn’t tell him her mom is dead and he’s her dad.

Other than the striking similarities, it’s a good story. I definitely recommend it!


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