Don’t Look Back, Agnes by Kathryn Meyer Griffin

Don’t Look Back, Agnes
By Kathryn Meyer Griffin
Published by The Wild Rose Press
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Ash

Agnes reluctantly goes back to the house where she grew up to care for her ailing elderly mother. She’s terrified of he woods behind the house and the evil it contains. When local kids begin to disappear, all her old fears begin to resurface. A mysterious stranger appears and insists she’s the only one who can save one of the missing girls–if she can overcome her paralyzing fear of the forest.

So it’s taken me absolutely forever to get to this short novella! Now that I’ve read it, I feel bad about that. It’s a fun little story that’s both endearing and suspenseful. I enjoyed the creepy monster who seems to be a reminder of classic 70s horror movie villains and the juxtaposition of the light writing style. The story is a good one for those who like a little bit of horror without the gore and guts mixed in with their romance.

The only negatives are the longish bits of exposition scattered through the story. It got a little bit tedious but Griffin managed to ease back into the actual story quickly. another thing is the hints at the end about Agnes being a paranormal ghost hunter, sort of out of the blue. More buildup or even history of being psychically sensitive would have eased the transition. The dialogue got a bit chunky, especially when Griffin was trying to move he story on, but overall, this is a fun story about love lost, love found, and old sins avenged.


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