The Fire Riders Book 2: Fire Within

Title: Fire Riders Book 2: Fire Within

Author: Mechele Armstrong

Publisher: Loose Id

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-61118-722-9

Release Date: January 2012

Format: Ebook
Genre: Paranormal, Shape shifter,

Menage Length: Short Story

Rating: 4 ½

Reviewer: GJM

Geant the head of the Eastanian dragon riders is taken prisoner by their arch enemies the Wardonians. The Wardonians hope that they will be able to force the Lord of Eastania to marry their Lady in exchange for Geant’s freedom. Geant awakens caged in a dungeon his jailor is none other than Alin the head of Wardonia’s Dragon Riders. While he’s none too happy with how he came to be imprisoned he also recognizes that he has a hunger for Alin that is equal to his hunger for his human mate. Alin is instantly attracted to Geant but he knows it can never be they are enemies after all and if that’s not bad enough the way he captured Geant was less than fair and honorable. Alin knows that even if Geant succumbs to their mutual attraction it will all be over as soon as Geant’s human mate Elesia arrives This is the second book in the Fire Riders series and while it can be read as a stand alone I urge you to read the first book in the series Taming The Fire as it will give you a better understanding of Geant. News of Geant’s capture has been received in Eastania and the Lord is taking a delegation to Wardonia to negotiate his release that delegation includes Elesia Geant’s mate as she will be needed to ease his fire, as all mature dragon riders risk self combusting is their fire is not eased and it can only be eased by humans. When Elesia arrives in Wardonia and is taken to Geant she notices a few things his fire is almost at pitch point which means he hasn’t partaken of the humans offered to him. This makes her angry as he knows the consequences would be fatal. Secondly she notices that Geant’s fire is burning more than she’d have thought even if he hadn’t used a human to help ease him which starts her thinking that maybe he’s had a lover just not a human lover. Thirdly she seems to have an instant attraction to his jailor Alin. She also notices that Alin seems to be very nervous around her which leads her to the conclusion that jailor and captive have been lovers. I loved this book the chemistry between Alin and Geant was amazing both of them struggling to fight the attraction that was there right from the beginning. Even though they realized it couldn’t last they finally gave in. Alin’s inner torment over Geant’s fire knowing that each time the two men came together the fire grew yet not being able to stay away. Hoping Elesia would arrive yet dreading her arrival as it would mean the end of his relationship with Geant.  Then we had Geant wanting to hate his enemy but craving his touch at the same time. Geant’s self control crumbling as his desire grew all the while he was also fighting the fire within. Wanting Elesia and wondering how she would react when he told her that he had forgone a human to ease his fire yet taken a dragon rider who increased his fire. I’m not really a huge fan of Male/Male however I’d of been gushing about this book even if Elesia never showed up. Elesia was just frosting on a cake. The cake itself was the way Ms Armstrong got the reader emotionally vested in both Alin and Geant right from the first page. If you’re already a fan of Ms Armstrong you’ll love it if you’ve never read her before give her a shot. You’ll not be disappointed.


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