Crossed by Ali Conde.

(This review was unsolicited.)

Read Matched by Ali Conde awhile back. enjoyable book. I finished the sequel, Crossed, and if mycopy hadn’t been an ebook on my iPad, I’d throw it. It written in this ridiculously overly poetic prose that borders on non-sensical. The entire book is almost as retarded as Twilight in regards to the heroine’s co-dependence on the hero. She can’t and won’t do anything unless her boyfriend is with her. Survival is meaningless unless she finds her
man. The first book was about Cassia learning she could change the world. This one is about how helpless she is without KY, with the change-the-dystopian-future-plan tacked on mindlessly at the end and occasionally alluded to throughout in the form of a vague poem. Its like when the boy finally gets the girl in a primetime sitcom. There’s just no where else to go once that happens.

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