Huntress for Hire by Ali Atwood

Title: Huntress For Hire

Author: Ali Atwood

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-77111-110-2

Release Date: February 2012

Format: Ebook

Genre: Paranormal, Sci fi, Futuristic, Time Travel, Menage

Length: Short Story

Rating: Recommended Read

Reviewer: GJM

A serial killer from the future has set his sights on PI Kat Monroe. It’s up to the Jericho brothers Max and Brett to keep her safe.

When Max Jericho hires Kat to help locate a thief little does she know that said thief is actually a sadistic serial killer, even worse she’s actually very much the bait as she’s just the type of woman that Viktor Kalsiak usually goes after.

While Kat is attracted to Max and Brett she tries to keep it strictly professional not that the brothers make it easy for her. The brothers decide that the easiest way to keep Kat safe is to become sexually involved with her that way they can always be close to her. Even though Max swears she is soooo not his type he finds himself wanting her and not just because the job demands he stay close to her to keep her safe.

When Viktor manages to slip by their guard and abduct Kat all bets are off and Max and Brett will follow her through time itself to save her and stop history from repeating itself.

Ms Atwood scores again I’m not sure how she manages to suck you in right from the first few pages but she does. I LOVED yes LOVED this story I loved the characters with the exception of Viktor. The characters came to life for me; my heart went out to Max for all he had lost and endured. I loved that Kat wasn’t one of those wishy washy heroines but one that had inner strength. I’ll be waiting for book two to find out how Kat’s younger twin sisters Brig and Lex make out.


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