Operation Mustang by Tonya Ramagos

Title: Operation Mustang

Author: Tonya Ramagos

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-61926-815-9

Release Date: May 21st 2012

Format: Ebook

Genre: Contemporary Menage

Length: Short Novel

Rating: 5 Lyres

Reviewer: GJM

Mustang Ducote has worked hard to gain her reputation as a hard worker since her Father died and she became the owner of the Circle M ranch. It’s a reputation she’s not willing to give not even to fulfill the craving she has for Rylon brothers Diek, Lucky and Gunner. So when her foreman hires Diek to work on the ranch she’s thrown off balance it’s bad enough that Lucky is the Ranch vet but she has managed to stay out of his way for the most part now there will be two Rylons on her property that she has to avoid at all costs. When Diek shows up with Gunner in tow she knows she’s about to face her worst battle can she avoid all three Rylons or will she give in to her desires.

When an unknown stalker starts targeting Mustang the men must find out if he’s after Mustang because of their life style or if there’s another reason either way the men are going to have to work fast to eradicate the threat to their woman.

What can I say I loved the chemistry between Mustang and the Rylon brother’s whether they were going toe to toe with sparks flying or the tender moments when Mustang forgets to fight them and her attraction. The sex scenes were hot but the characters brought them to life as right from the word go the reader gets a sense of the chemistry between the characters. The only thing that I found a little bit unbelievable was how someone could get past not one but two trained SEALS without either of them being aware but I put it down to Lucky snoring louder than a freight train. This is book three in a series and while it can be read alone I would recommend reading the books in order as you always get a deeper understanding of how all parties including secondary characters come together and relate to each other.

A quick enjoyable read Ms Ramagos really hits the mark with this one. I loved this book and am looking forward to more titles from Ms Ramagos


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