Were-Devil’s Curse by Simone Sinna

Title: Were-Devil’s Curse
Author: Simone Sinna
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-62241-651-6
Release Date: October 10th 2012
Format: Ebook
Genre: Contemporary Paranormal MenageLength: Short Novel
Rating: 4 LyresReviewer: GJM

Becca Morton has accepted a job as a
lab assistant in remote Tasmania. She is to assist Tilman Tremain with his research into the cancer that is killing Tasmanian Devils. What she doesn’t count on is the strange attraction she has to Tilman’s sons Jarrod and Jesse.

The Tremains have lost their Mother and their brother to the cancer that is ravaging both Tasmanian devils and Were-Devils. Tilman is desperate to find a cure and hopes that Becca can help him.

Jarrod has always believed a woman will be their salvation but so far none of his father’s assistants have been the one they are all pinning their hopes on Becca. When the false vampires attack the family home they believe Becca may be working with them to destroy the family and the lab.

I wanted to read this story as it takes place in Tasmania a place near and dear to my heart. Ms Sinna does a great job of describing Tasmania and its small towns to the point that I became a little homesick but I digress. I liked the story and I loved that the Tassie devil gets a foot in the shape-shifting door. I truly love shifter books where we are treated to something out of the norm for a change. Very fast paced even for a novella lots of action in a short space of time.

I must say though I was a little disappointed that the chemistry between Jarrod, Jesse and Becca wasn’t as sizzling as I’d of liked. Maybe it was the way Becca seemed to wake alone if it was vampires I could understand it but we are talking shifters so it was a little disappointing.I’d also have liked to see a deeper explanation of the false vampires

I know it almost sounds like I didn’t like the story however that is wrong I actually liked it and want to read the next in the series. I have a feeling that Ms Sinna intends to real us in slowly.I’m giving 4 Lyres and putting Ms Sinna on my must watch list


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