Edge of Darkness by Missy Lyons

Title: Edge Of Darkness

Author: Missy Lyons

Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-93666-868-7

Release Date: October 2012

Format: Ebook

Genre: Paranormal, Menage

Length: Novella

Rating: 4

Reviewer: GJM

When we start reading Edge of Darkness Sasha Wylde is running for her life because she is a white wolf it is difficult to camouflage herself in the forest at night as white does tend to stick out. As if that’s not bad enough we soon discover she’s running from her own pack they plan to kill her. Sasha believes if she can make it to town she might be able to convince her enemies to give her protection just for a day or two till she can escape the area for good.

Master vampires Matthew and Curry are shocked when a werewolf crashes through the doors of their club. When Sasha begs them for sanctuary they are torn between their mistrust of all shifters and the instant attraction both brothers feel towards her. The brothers offer Sasha protection but in exchange she must submit to them and become their sex slave for three days.

This story had all my favorite components Weres, Vampires and ménage so I was excited to read it. I loved the chemistry between the brothers and Sasha. I loved the storyline it flowed easily was fast paced didn’t have any of those annoying flat spots. Ms Lyons took her time and didn’t rush the ending so kudos it was a great read and it was deserving of a 5/5 but editing let it down.

I would of happily rated this book higher but there were spots were the editing really let this book down. Matthew switched names to Michael for a sentence I could of let that slide but when it is combined with a scene that had me back tracking to read the same few pages over and over to see if I missed something it became an issue. Matthew became the rubberman or Casper the ghost maybe  I’m still trying to figure out how he turned on a faucet ensured the water was the correct temperature all while he was still in the bedroom. He then carries Sasha to the bathroom so she can shower hmmmm. I’m sorry I loved this book I really did but content errors drive me crazy.


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