The Secret Society by Allie Harrison

Title: The Secret Society

Author: Allie Harrison

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-60394-778-7

Release Date: January 2013

Format: Ebook

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense

Length: Novella

Rating:  3 Lyres

Reviewer: GJM

A team of shape-shifters have dedicated themselves to helping and rescuing those who find themselves victims of two legged predators. Mostly women who need to get away from their abusers. These women are given hope and a foundation to build a new and better live. This time they have been called upon to rescue a young woman who is being stalked and abused by her neighbor.

Jack and his team have been called by Dr Brand it seems a young nurse that works at his clinic is in desperate need of their services. When they first arrive Stella is unresponsive just sitting staring at her hands. Jack manages to get her talking he explains that they are there to help and will ensure her safety till he stalker is taken care of.

Stella doesn’t believe anyone can help her and tells Jack as much when asked why she believes this she tells the team that the man stalking and abusing her is a detective with the local police station and no matter when she goes he’ll find her and more than likely kill her.

Jack knows that this case is going to be unique as Stella’s stalker can legally access her banking records DMV and other records to track her. While he knows this will make things harder he refuses to accept defeat and still packs Stella up and takes her to a safe house so he can begin to put her life back together and put an end to Anthony Mantelli’s power over her.

This story is rated as spicy on the publisher’s website it should really be rated as sensual with a heat rating of two as there is none of the usual red hot sex scenes that most paranormal readers have come to expect, sex is implied and takes place off the page for the most part and to be honest that was the perfect way to write this story in my humble opinion. The heroine is trying to be brave but she is very vulnerable the hero is battling his need to protect and not overwhelm with his need to claim. I didn’t really feel a lot of chemistry between Jack and Stella but based on the circumstances of the novel I’d of been disappointed if I had. Ms Harrison gave us a well written enjoyable read.


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