Were Devils of Tasmania #3 by Simone Sinna

Title: The Ghosts Return

Series: Were Devils of Tasmania #3

Author: Simone Sinna

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-62242-391-0

Release Date: February 2013

Format: Ebook

Genre: Contemporary Paranormal Menage

Length: Short Novel

Rating: 5 Lyres

Reviewer: GJM

Lena Magnussen is a Ghost Vampire. When we first meet her, she is reading a romance book on board a boat. Lena hears a noise outside and goes to investigate. She discovers a neighboring boat on fire. After helping on the water chain, she slips and falls into the water. Lucky for her, she’s rescued by Lincoln and Kael Tremain, who just happen to be Were Devils–sworn enemies of the Ghost Vampire. As if that isn’t bad enough, they are also her mates.

I reviewed book one in this series late last year and really liked it. At the time, I put Ms Sinna on my watch list. I bought book 2, and again, really liked it. When we were asked to review book three, I jumped at the chance and I wasn’t disappointed.

Ms Sinna has really has done as I predicted with book one. She reeled us in slowly. With each book, we are given more and more information on the curse. The chemistry  this time around  sizzles, but it’s heart breaking, too, as the guys have inadvertently infected their mate with a virus that is killing her. It’s a race  against the clock to save her. The vaccines the WereDevils have developed won’t work as Lena is three quarters Ghost. Both Kael and Lincoln have resigned themselves to nursing Lena right up to the end when they receive aid from a totally unexpected source. At the same time as  Lena is battling for her life, the Ghosts have trapped and are attacking the Were Devils on a scale that they have never attempted before.  Talk about action packed! Ms Sinna is really setting us up for the finale.

Do yourself a favor: if you love paranormal shape shifters of an unusual variety, go grab all three of these books. Read them in order,  and then, like me, wait impatiently for the fourth and final book in the series!


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