The Devil’s Own Desperado

The Devil’s Own Desperado
by Lynda Cox
Review by DMP
 Rating- 4.5 
This may sound like an play on words, an oxymoron or even make you think, “how is that possible?”. But The Devil’s Own Desperado by Lynda Cox is was the fastest read that had me lost in an entire weekend. Normally I can read a book of this length over the course of week, but Cox weaved such an incredible era description, fabulous characters and had me on the edge of my seat (well, recliner). Even after I out down my laptop, I was still lost in the
Colt Evans, the alleged bad guy in a hero cowboy outfit had me craving a rugged man from the old west. His harsh exterior, don’t let it fool you, really is just a facade. The scene where he returns from town with supplies for Amelia (the heroine) and extras, had me sighing. Buying the blue hair ribbons for sweet little Jenny- please! Be still my  heart!
Heroine Amelia McCollister is a perfect representation of what a western lady should be. Her determination, which I am sure was true of all women in the west, was relentless and my heart was full of empathy with her struggles.
To say Cox knows how to write historical western romance is an understatement. I found the dialogue exceptional, the way she described every scene vivid and I must applaud Ms. Cox for creating such a western classic. I hope to have more opportunities to read more of Ms. Cox’s works. I won’t give the details, but there is a funeral… for Colt Evans, but yet… Oh, you just have to read this story!
If you have a free weekend, I highly recommend The Devil’s Own Desperado- you will fall in love. This novel made me want to search for my own Federal, Wyoming and Colt Evans. Kudos to Lynda Cox!



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