Whispers in the Dark by Susan Hayes


Whispers in the Dark

By Susan Hayes

Published by Siren- Bookstrand

 Rating: 2

Review by ER

Kyra Robinson is one of those lucky women who are blessed to have two men entirely obsessed with her. What she is not aware of is that neither man is normal in the traditional sense. Vlad, a strong and ancient vampire with a penchant for extreme violent behaviour needs to conquer Kyra, body, mind and soul. On the other side of the spectrum is handsome Gareth Harkness, who has been drawn to Kyra in his dreams, and his desire for her only makes his enforced protection of Kyra that much more intense. What Kyra has to decide is whether she will allow either of these men to captivate her heart.

There is no doubt that there is chemistry between these three characters which leads to passionate interludes and complicated mind games. Vlad is portrayed as the traditional vampire of old, without the glamour given to these characters by Hollywood in recent years. He is determined, and one has to question whether his inherent nature can be excused for his somewhat brutal actions in the novel. Harkness fits into the mould of a character bound by his need to protect the woman he has known he has loved – even before he met her. He will do whatever it takes, even risking his own life to ensure that Kyra is safe.

Kyra is a feisty, attractive, independent woman. However, being the target of two powerful men, makes her seem, at times, like a mewling kitten, rather than the vicious tigress we are initially introduced to.

The characters do seem to fall flat as one progresses into the novel, but getting to the resolution of the tense situations they find themselves in overshadows their staid character development. If you enjoy vampire stories mixed with action on all levels, then you will enjoy this book.

I’d give it 2/5 stars.


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