Father of the Bride by Brenda Gayle

Father of the Bride
by Brenda Gayle
Review rating- 3
Review by DMP
Let me start off by saying, I love second chance romance stories! But this one missed the mark for me. Keep in mind this is only my opinion, but I just couldn’t find the true unmistakable romance connection here.
Let’s begin with the groom’s mom and the bride’s step-father having a past. And not just any past… but no spoilers here, sorry.
This is a short read and if you’re looking for a quick romance, to fulfill your second chance at possible love, then this is a good story to sink into.
While I loved Gayle’s writing style, her story missed a few crucial points. I had a hard time believing that Penny and David could pick up and have a passionate relationship. Some key componments were missing to make this a believable love story. The characters’ emotions were there on the surface, but Gayle didn’t really dig into the them. One emotion that was prominent was David’s almost arrogant ways and attitude.
I would have loved to see have seen more emotion and explanations in this story. The heart to heart that Penny had with Chloe, her soon to be daughter in law, the day before the wedding started to evolve the emotional strain the story was missing.
I would love to read another of Gayle’s books for a feel for more of her writing style and plot building. This book is not a miss completely, but it would not be the first I would recommend. 



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