Fried Pickles and the Fuzz by Calico Daniels

TITLE- Fried Pickles and the Fuzz
AUTHOR- Calico Daniels
PUBLISHER-Astaea Press
LENGTH- 79 pages
Coming from a small town myself, I coould so relate to Sheriff Bronson and Heather’s budding romance. Add in the wacky Gus and… Oh boy! And the title? Yes, it had me from the first word. And all this happened over a week? Yes, it did.
Daniels writing style, wit and plot made me smile, chuckle and yes, laugh a few times. The way she weaves the story, the character connection- just WOWed me. I have never read Daniels’ work before, but I am anxiously awaiting to retrieve another of her publications.
Not many authors can pull off such a great cast of characters, but Daniels surpassed my expections with this one. It also made me crave, and miss dearly, small town festivals, parades and the camaraderie of neighbors.
My favorite line, well, one of many- Good men aren’t hard to figure out.” Her blue eyes sparkled. “But like a five-pound bass, they’re hard to land.” Women, we can so relate to this!
The subtitle- The Redneck Fabulous Series is a definite keeper in itself! I not only applaud Daniels for her creative writing but commend Astraea Press for finding her!



2 thoughts on “Fried Pickles and the Fuzz by Calico Daniels

  1. Thank you SOOOOO much 🙂 I am THRILLED beyond words that you enjoyed my first in this series of Hick Lit 🙂 There are more slotted to come 🙂 I hope that you enjoy them as well 🙂

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