His Golden Touch by Tish Domenick

Title: His Golden Touch

Series: Gold Rush #1

Author: Tish Domenick

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-62242-643-0

Release Date: March 7th 2013

Format: Ebook

Genre: Historical Menage

Length: Short Novel

Rating: 2 Lyres

Reviewer: GJM

Hannah Brown is a school teacher who has recently lost her parents. Her parents had always sheltered her and had even sent her away to school in the hopes that she’d find a rich husband and have an easier life than they’d had. However Hannah had returned home to the ranch and taken a position at the school. Now with her parents gone she faces the prospect of running the ranch as well as teaching. She knows that she can rely on Wade and Brady her father’s ranch hands to help her.

Wade and Brady have been in love with Hannah for years and are willing to stay on and help her but they want her to marry them. Legally they know she can only marry one of them but they are prepared for that and think they have the ideal solution. She’ll marry one of them on paper and the other will share in all the benefits of being a husband.

Let me start by saying I really wanted to like this story but I struggled with it for many reasons which I will try to explain. Bear in mind that a review is just one person’s opinion and that you might garner several different opinions on the same book from several different reviewers.

My first issue was Hannah with the timeline the way it was (and I’ll get to that next) Hannah went from a sheltered innocent virgin to a raving nymphomaniac in less than a few days. Let’s assume that the problem with the timeline is responsible for that.  According to the timeline Hannah got married on Saturday on Sunday when she went to ask the overseer’s wife for advice on what she should be doing it was suggested that she hire Rocco and his parents to help her out. Sunday evening Rocco and his parents show up and Monday morning Hannah shares an innocent breakfast with Rocco and while they eat and talk they find they have a lot in common. By Monday afternoon Hannah has had sex with Rocco on her school desk no less and claims to have fallen in love with him and wants to add him to the marriage (I found this totally unbelievable) Later in the story we are told it was weeks not days but the timeline was out of whack as Ms Domenick or her editor should have gone through the story and tracked it back and fixed it at the beginning then Hannah might not of looked like some cheating faithless wife who confused lust with love. (Again just my humble opinion.)

I didn’t feel any real chemistry from any of the characters nor did I connect with any of them on any level sorry but there didn’t appear to be much depth to any of them. Brady and Wade just went along with whatever Hannah wanted when Hannah wanted to add Rocco to their ‘marriage’ Brady said he didn’t trust him but because it was what Hannah wanted it was okay and they just accepted it. When Hannah decided to add Andre as well Wade knew about it as Hannah and Wade were secretly meeting with Andre for a little while until the cat was let out of the bag again there were token protests but hey it was what Hannah wanted so ultimately it was okay.

The up note is we meet Hannah’s great, great granddaughter and a ghost at the end so I’m hoping book two will be better as the ghost seems to have a story to tell.


**Ash’s note: Ghost? Whaaaaa?

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