*facepalm* I didn’t learn my lesson with the first book…

Endurance by Jay Lake

*sigh*. I hoped–I mean, I really, really hoped–GReen would have snapped out of her funk by book two. I hoped she would have become less self-centered. Less mean. Less angry. Less stupid.

Alas, it’s not meant to be. I really, really hate that. I could see how Green could have been a perfect heroine. She didn’t have to be a generous, sweet, innocent princess to achieve that. Just less…angsty. More intelligent. More gracious. Much, much less of a pregnant teenage asshole. There were a few moments when the character Green could have been peeked through–when innocent priestesses died, when she searched for a lost child, when she visited her god. I understand she had to be hard, but she didn’t have to be so damn selfish and hateful and stupid. Everybody and everything were mere inconveniences. I get that she just wanted to chill, after saving the city, destroying a friend, all that jazz.

I just don’t get her constant anger, frustration, and irritation. Wait, she was not-so-angry a few times, but only when she was lusting after some rando woman, having sex, or eating.

If she was so ‘done’ with everybody and everything, why didn’t she just leave? Why anger her friends to the point that they literally kick her out of the temple to a god she created?

Throughout the book, it’s painfully obvious Green was written by a man. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Reading the first book, I intentionally didn’t research the author to find out whether “Jay” was a male or female. 90% of the time, it doesn’t make a difference. Unfortunately, this is one of those rare 10%-ers that it makes me wonder if Lake knows more about woman–especially teenage ones–other than they occasionally have sex with other women, men like to have sex with them, they can get pregnant, and…well, I think that might be about it. I think maybe some authentic feminine qualities to Green might have made her more sympathetic to the reader.

I really, really, really wanted to like this book. I’m constantly rewriting Green’s character in my head! The third book is out, and I’m absolutely torn on whether I want to torn about reading it. I want to see if Green finds Anastasia and Sam–whatever her name is, but I already dislike Green so much, I’m a little scared to read it.


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