Jewel by Ashlynn Monroe

Title: Jewel

Author: Ashlynn Monroe

Publisher: Loose Id

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-62300-253-4

Release Date: March 2013

Format: Ebook

Genre: Menage, Shape Shifters, Paranormal, Sci Fi

Length: Novella

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: GJM

Jewel has just found out that in order to gain an army and a safe port to conduct his illegal business, her father has traded her away to a mutant prince who wishes to impregnate her. He believes that any children she gives him will be free of his mutant disease since her DNA is 100% human, without a single mutation. Jewel is  NOT onboard with her Father’s scheme, and when pleading with her older brother fails, she runs.

Rion is needs the bounty that Prince Bayless has placed on Jewel’s head for his Clan. He assures Prince Bayless that he will deliver Jewel. Trouble is, Rion never counted on her being his mate, the one person in the galaxy that he will protect, no matter the cost.

When Jewel runs, she knows she has to get as far away as possible to escape her father and the prince. She is also smart enough to know there will be a bounty on her head for her return. Her first encounter with the bounty hunter, she fights her way out with the help of a mystery man. Little does she know that the reason he helped her is so that he can claim the bounty for himself.

When Rion captures her, she vows that she will escape him. She figures since she finds him attractive she might as well seduce him; after all, she can escape as soon as they land. When Jewel sets her plan to seduce him in motion, Rion is wary. He asks her if she is experienced, as he knows a woman of worth could possibly become a mate. He knows the chances of becoming mated are even higher if that woman of worth is also a virgin.

When both Rion and Jewel are taken captive and fighting for their lives and freedom, they get help from Rion’s brothers. They escape, but there can be no turning back now Jewel isn’t the only one with a price of her head Rion and his three brothers are also fugitives.

Again, Ms Monroe takes us along on a fast paced adventure. The story flowed, the chemistry between Rion and Jewel was believable, and when Makis offered to be her, Guardian Jewel realized she had feelings for both Rion and Makis. This was yet another story that sent me running to the author’s website looking to see if we can expect another book. The good news is we can expect the other brothers to get their own books, which I’ll be looking forward to. While the book ends as an HEA, I felt there were a few unresolved issues. I’m assuming they will be covered in the upcoming books. If you haven’t read Ms Monroe already, check her out. For those of you that are already devoted fans, you’ll not be disappointed. Well worth the read!


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