A Year of You

It’s live! If you like edgy new adult romantic suspense, you’ll love A Year of You. 

Mattie Delacort came to terms with the fact that her biological family–the wealthy McKendrick clan–never knew she existed. When the powerful, dying matriarch draws her into a scheme to reveal all the dark family secrets, she’s intrigued. If she participates, she could solve the mystery of missing child, claim her rightful place in the family–and the millions of dollars in several trust funds. After growing up in an abusive family, under the thumb of a manipulative foster brother whose terrible grip on her has extended well into adulthood, the offer of that much money gives her a chance to escape.


As she struggles to earn the reward offered to her by her wealthy maternal grandmother, her past threatens to destroy the tentative new life she is trying to build with Brant West, a passionate, moody musician. To save the man she loves, she has to reveal everything. But revealing her past will cost her everything. Mattie must make a choice, one that will either kill her or turn her into the very thing she hates the most. Will she choose her past…or her future?





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