We’re seriously up and running again. Seriously. Promise. Here’s an unsolicited review. Nipple Angel is a new thing.

I don’t want to repeat all that. But I will.


We’re actively seeking NEW ADULT and YOUNG ADULT novels. If you have one, send it to ritesofromance @ gmail.com and put ATTN ASH in the subject line. I’m looking for fantasy, science fiction, horror as well. I’m NOT looking for erotica (although a strongly-plotted bdsm novel never hurts).

Send me your books. If you’re self-published, you MUST have paid someone to professionally edit your book. If you didn’t pay them, you better be sleeping with them. If the book hasn’t been professionally edited, I can’t guarantee a nice review, even if the book is awesomesauce.

If you WANT to review for RORR, email me. Free books!

Because I’m too lazy to start a new post, here’s a quick unsolicited review of Very Bad Things by Ilsa Madden-Mills.


THREE stars. :/

The whole high school thing squicked me out a little bit. I swear, if someone who is twenty-frickin-five even LOOKS at my high school daughter, I’d kill him. Brutally. As a mother, it made my red-flags go off. I don’t care how old the heroine of the book was, adult men don’t mess with high schoolers. There’s no omg-sexy fantasy here. There’s no way these two could be on the same wave-length, emotionally, even if Nora was a worldly, old-soul, who’d had to grow up too fast. It’s not lust or love…it’s called daddy-issues. I think it would have been easier to accept if Nora was at the END of her senior year, but this whole lust thing starts BEFORE her senior year.

So once I started to pretend that Nora was a college freshman, it got easier to read. The writing is amazing. There are times when it got a little too existential and wordy and made me want to roll my eyes a little, but it’s good. I DON’T in any way think their relationship was healthy–it was obsessive, fueled by lust, and founded on basically nothing that sustains a real match–but it was well written, and the sex was good.

I wanted to smack Nora. One, for not telling anybody ELSE about Finn. Two, for being so damn stupid and immature to think that getting drunk and doing drugs would…I don’t even know, get attention? She really had no clear reason to want to do those things, other than to trash her reputation. If she’d had a goal like appearing human after all, or making herself feel like a 18/19 year old, or expressing her creativity through tattoos and whatever, that’s one thing. This was just stupid childish behavior, and as an adult responsible for a CHILD, Leo should have acted like the adult in the situation. Not the horny hot dude faced with a naked chick in his bathroom. Nora focused on the horrible things in her life, which were pretty bad, but never once thought about the good things–the things she could lose, like her aunt and her aunt’s respect. Her scholarships. Her LIFE.

Teenagers are stupid and selfish, but when I’m reading a romance novel with very adult situations, I don’t want to have to keep from slipping into mom-mode. It’s hard to enjoy the fantasy when you’re thinking, “Ugh, she’s in HIGH SCHOOL and he’s messing around with her” and “OMG, grow up, Nora!”

Final points: the book was very well-written. It was VERY long. Dragged on far too long in several places. I think a good 10K or even more words could have been cut from the novel and it would be just fine. It got a little too prose-whimsical at times, but it was sort of the nature of the book. I did roll my eyes a few times at the rock-song-lyric-style declarations of “love” between the two characters. The supporting cast was good. I’d never take a woman seriously if she had two angel wings hanging off her nipples. Is her nipple an angel?? The mental image made me make this face ;/ .

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