Dark Consort has a new cover!

Dark Consort used to have this really pretty cover that I made waaaaaaaay back when. When I released, far too many romance-novel snobs pointed out the models on the cover were used on so-and-so’s book, and I was trying to be just like so-and-so, and I’d stolen the cover, and OMG, they’d never read my book. After giving no less than ten readers/offended authors the digital “WTF are you talking about” look, I decided to change the cover.

SO to celebrate, Dark Consort is ON SALE for 99 pennies. The reviews are great, ratings are good, and I’ve only had one unhappy customer, and that was because she didn’t seem to understand it was a fantasy novel set in a medieval/fantasy era, not a contemporary feminist romance story.


Fashion portrait of young man in black shirt poses over wall wit


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