Seducing Helena by Ann Mayburn

Title: Seducing Helena

Author: Ann Mayburn

Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company LLC

ISBN: 9781613336144

Release Date: February 28th 2014

Format: Ebook

Genre: IR, Contemporary

Length: Novella

Rating: 4 lyres

Reviewer: GJM

When a super hot model sees a photo of Mr. March, aka Seth Morgan, in a charity calendar put together by her friend to raise money for the widow and children of fallen soldiers, she asks for his email address. She emails Seth and asks him if he’d be interested in having a pen pal.

Their email relationship starts off with a lie as Helena doesn’t let Seth know who she really is and leads him to think her job is as a photographer, not a model. When they decide to get together, she has to tell him the truth about who she is. Seth takes it in stride as he gets that she might be worried that guys would only want her for her looks, not who she is as a person.
Seth is determined to woo her and sets out to make her realize he is the guy for her, and he likes her for the woman she is on the inside. Honorable Seth has decided to go slow and build a solid relationship. Helena, on the other hand, sets out to tempt him at every turn. This is a great fast paced story both Seth and Helena are likable.

Ms Mayburn strikes again! Once again, she has a hit on her hands. My only complaint is I was left wanting more–and that’s not really a bad thing.


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