I honestly don’t know the actual title of this series, but it’s by Julia Sykes

It’s called “Impossible: the Original Trilogy,” and the individual books are “Monster,” “Traitor,” and “Avenger,” and the series makes about as much sense as the ‘I can’t pick a title so I’m going to name it all the names’ titles, by author Julia Sykes.

The heroine is a doctor who obviously has no medical training or experience. The hero is, of course, super-hot, dark, deadly, and possesses a drawer full of sex toys and a bookcase full of books.

I call bull on two things first and foremost. 

One: gunshot wounds to the arm are not life-threatening. (This is specific to the injury detailed in the story).  The whole “he’s going to die from a gunshot wound to the ARM” thing needed way more research. Sean wouldn’t have lost consciousness from the blood loss from a flesh wound.  Even a penetrating gunshot wound to the arm wouldn’t have caused that much bleeding, save a direct hit to an artery, and in that case, he would have been dead before his buddy got him to a car.

Author, the gloves are called exam gloves (universally, unless they are sterile, and then they are called “surgical gloves” or “sterile gloves.”).  Not “medical gloves.”

Two: no human can read two (three?) Game of Thrones books in as many days.

What would have made this book good: if the BDSM had been a natural part of the book instead of being instances of info-dumps and amatuer Pornhub porno dialogue.

Also, the characters needed personalities.  Claudia either cried, screamed, had sex, or objected to missing work. She is apparently stupid (as are the FBI). You can’t  save somebody from jail by snitching on them. Sean is a bad guy and deserved jail. Claudia was TSTL. Just unbelievably ignorant. Sean’s character was so incredibly “romance-novel-bdsm-bad-boy” that he blends in with every single other self-pubbed BDSM dom out there right now.  He had no distinguishing features.  None.

If you’re looking for good BDSM erotica, read Candace Blevins, Bianca Sommerland, or my fave, spankin’ Sasha White.


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