Bomb (Ruin Outlaws #1) Amy Islan


The cover looked pretty, so I grabbed it for Kindle. Sadness followed. The book is bland and badly, badly edited, or completely unedited.

1. Probably one of the most important things the author needs to hear about her book: GET AN EDITOR. A real one. There are SO many typos and mistakes that it distracted from the story. Sentences were incomplete in a few places. No punctuation in other places. Misspellings. All around shoddy presentation.

2. The MC is run by idiots. Absolute idiots. Face-palm-stupid bikers.

3. WHy is the female lead so angry? Seriously, the chick needs a Xanax prescription.

4. Inconsistent. The roommate broke up with her boyfriend because he was cheating on her, and then the reason changed halfway through the story.

5. Have a stronger plan than “a drug deal.” GIve us something to actually make us fear for these bikers. With this first book, logically, I expect them to all get arrested ASAP.

The sex scene is uninspiring. There’s a little too much focus on masturbation. The characters don’t really pop. I didn’t get the sense that the author actually did any research about bikers, MCs, etc. It seemed like she watched a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy and decided she knew enough to right a book about an MC.

WIth a GOOD editor and a little more story and character development, the story could be decent. I’m pretty sure I’m not going much further with this bland series.


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