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Formerly located at www.ror-reviews.com and www.ritesofromancereviews.blogspot.com, ROR is now permenantly located here, at WordPress.

We are open to submissions of books in all formats and from all publishers. To submit, please email all pertinent book information to ritesofromance@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “About ROR

  1. I don’t know WHO wrote that review of Ms. Ketchbaw’s novel, Savannah’s Choices, but they must have been in la-la land to not LOVE that story!! I think…and so do my friends and family…that Savannah’s Choices was absolutely the best novel this year! I see on the internet where it’s won several awards and has some great interviews. I don’t think Ms. Ketchbaw has a thing to worry about. She is a great author!!
    Shelby from Oklahoma

    • Wow…

      I have one question… if this is such an amazing, fantasmagorical, life-changing, yadda-yadda-yadda novel….

      Why is it self-published? Why did Ketchbaw HAVE TO PAY SOMEONE to publish it? Just how in the world did New York miss this smambashingly-good novel?

      Come one people. Self-publishing. Cop out. Not a good thing, in the real world of publishing. It either means the writer: has no idea how the publishing world works, is an idiot, doesn’t have patience, endurance, persistence, etc to land the agent or the editor that lands them the real deal, or…they wrote a book so redundant, long, repetitive, nonsensical, that no agent/editor/epress would dream of picking it up.

      And trust me on this. If Ketchbaw had managed to get this on to a real editor’s desk, so much would have been slashed, it wouldn’t be recognizable. Which would be a really good thing.

      I wonder if I should get all my friends/relatives/strangers bribed on the internet to go post comments on all my books’ bad reviews…

  2. I’m honestly not sure how wordpress works! The quickest way would be to drop me an email and ask, or google your name and book title.

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