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Send your book with the pertinent information: title, author, publisher, length, release date. We’ll post it to our reviewers and let you know when a review is posted! Send it to ritesofromance (at)

If you’d like to request a specific reviewer, read on!
Ash– prefers non-erotic romance, inspirational fiction, speculative fiction (sci-fi, horror, fantasy) with romantic elements, as well as any mainstream novels. She isn’t fond of self-published novels, although she’ll give them a chance– just be prepared for an honest review. She takes great pleasure in pointing out bad writing, bad editing, horrible covers, and over-angsty characters and melodramatic situations, tactfully. If she likes your book, you’ll have a fan for life. Otherwise…not so much.

Gail– Very much the nicest of ROR’s reviewers, Gail has a much broader range of likes. She reads most genres except for horror. She doesn’t hesitate to be honest in a review, but she won’t sugarcoat the truth (unless a substantial donation is made…;-) ). She has one warning–if you have a sex scene with multiple partners, make sure the characters are either acrobats and contortionists, or that the positions are physically possible.

Diane– Polite, quiet, but a decent judge of books worth the money. Reads mostly sweet romance, sci-fi, and fantasy.


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